A Mocha For Your Tuesday: Love Better By Discovering Fun Things Together! {Guest Post by Joel!}

Last week I talked about finding something you enjoy in the activities your wife (or soon to be wife) does.  Even if you don’t love the activity itself, try to find something in that activity that you can love.  Or learn to love.

So this week I wanted to talk about finding and doing something you both love doing.

~ Coffee by Grounded Coffee, Vintage China by Decorous Dishes ~
For Amber and me, we discovered with both enjoyed coffee.  Not that we needed the caffeine, but because there’s an art and a science to the coffee.  And to find the perfect one, there has to be an incredible passion and wealth of knowledge behind it.  Good coffee doesn’t just happen.  So we started our #jacoffeeadventures to find amazing coffee.  We both love searching out incredible coffee as we travel, and describing the taste, feel, smell, and look of each latte we drink.
Coffee isn’t something that I loved that Amber learned to love, or the other way around.  It’s something we discovered together and have continued to learn about and research and experience together.

Another thing we started doing together is traveling, but even more specifically, visiting state capitols!  After we randomly visited 2 state capitols on our trip out West, Amber mentioned that we should try and visit every state capitol as part of our #jawanderlust adventures!  I thought it was a terrific idea, and so far we’re at 7 out of 50 capitals!  We’ve even slightly expanded that and added country capitals (Copenhagen and Oslo anyone?)  Again, it’s something that we learned to do and love together, and helps guide and build our travel itineraries.

~Alabama State Capitol Building in Montgomery, AL – – – Sweet Home Alabama!~

What could it be for you?  A lot of people love finding craft beers, visiting record stores, or running a marathon in each state.  The real beauty of this is doing it together.  And specifically doing something together that you both learned to enjoy together!
I feel like I don’t have a huge list of cool activities that couples do together.  So help me out – what have you started doing together that you both love doing?

~Black Eye Coffee in Denver, CO~

~Colorado State Capitol Building in Denver, Colorado~

~Because coffee plays a huge part in all of our adventures together – – – ☕️ Black Eye Coffee~

~I would say we love to hike — but by “hiking”, I actually mean going for a leisurely walk on a wooded path… :)

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